BuzyDoctor Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

BuzyDr. specially designed for OPD practices.


  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment Scheduler with different colour-codes for different appointment types
  • SMS based appointment communication
  • Search of appointments and grouping of patients based on different criteria.
  • Standard Prescriptions defining
  • Multi-Lingual Case paper printing (English, Hindi, Marathi etc)
  • Scanning & Image Capture
  • Reference Letter printing.
  • Past Case papers retrieval
  • Report –Generation
  • Customizations, as per individual needs
  • Research Reports can be generated as per the requirements
  • Easy Search for records.
  • Extensive training to users.
  • Year-round telephonic and web-based Support
  • User Friendly & Custom-made software.                    


           having such over the top features to make the OPD process easier, medical practitioner are finding it beneficial to use. Some of the benefits of using our BuzyDr. are:

  • Easy record keeping
  • Avoiding of work duplication
  • Easy data storage
  • Correction of data without untidiness
  • Reduction in error
  • Administrative convenience
  • Computers add up to tidiness